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 Server MOTD

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PostSubject: Server MOTD   Sat Dec 31, 2011 11:25 pm

Semper Fi Server!

This Server uses the following mods:
ULX, PropDefender, and VMFLoader.


-A: Anything Bigger Than A Pistol Is Ilegal & Any Weapon In Public Is Illegal!
-B: Drugs & Money Printers Are Illegal!
-A: Dealers/ Mayor/ Cook/ Hitman Can Not Raid!
-B: Wait At Least 5 Mins Before Raiding Again!
-C: No Prop Surfing!
-A: Every Base Is Limited To 2 Keypads To Get In And One Per Safe!
-B: No One Way Seeing/ Shooting Props!
-C: Don't Prop Block!
-D: No Fadding Door Abuse!
-E: If Killed During A Raid, Wait Till The Raid Is Over To Return!
-D: No Hidden Keypads!
4. Follow NLR (New Life Rule)!
5. Don't Spam! (Props/Guns/Drugs)
6. Don't RDM (Random Deathmatch)
7. Dont Abuse Your Jobs! Use /Demote For Others Abusing Thier Job!
8. Hits Need To Be 5 Mins Apart And Be No Less Than $500 Each With A Note From The Player Requesting The Hit!
8. If You Are A CP You Must Abide The Law Just As Any Other Player Or Be Demoted!
9. No Porn Sprays!
10. Respect Admins!
11. Offensive Language Will Get You Kick!

Admin Rules
1Don't Abuse Powers!
2. Only Use Admin Powers In Admin Class!
3. Let Higher Ranked Admins Handle Problems First!
4. Don't Spawn Weapons For Rp!
5. Do not ragdoll anyone for any reason, it will be considered abuse.
6. If you abuse your powers WILL be taken, even if you payed.
7. If someone reports you Or abusing in the forum you are expected to reply and explain.
8. Vote On Admin Apps On The Forum, and also cheak the website often for opdates.
9. Don't Change Server Settings!
10. Use ULX to Kick/ Ban!
11. Don't Spawn Weapons Or Drugs For RP!
12. Follow The Forums For Info!

-The Owner: Sandball Twisted Evil
-Co-Owners: Davis
-Super Admins: CrossFyrre, Revolver.
-Admins: Bill Nye, Haze, Gigidy ,Celix, Xizombieix, Mr. Nik, Celix, Phyico, Oyster, Cuba Pudding Jr. Nathan Outwood, Zombie AKA Noob, CJ

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Server MOTD
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